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Health plans are designed to incentivize the selection of lower-cost drugs, and manufacturer coupons throw a wrench in that, critics argue. The drug industry disagrees. For years, various players have tried to block coupons.

The value of some of these coupons can amount to thousands of dollars, and consumers increasingly face higher out-of-pocket costs with high-deductible health plans. You can follow her on Twitter EmmaRCourt. Economic Calendar Tax Withholding Calculator. Retirement Planner. Sign Up Log In. The changes include a new, responsive design featuring extended-hours data and more news. Learn More.

Drug coupon

Home Personal Finance. By Emma Court. Comment icon. Text Resize Print icon. This arrangement forces you to walk down aisles, increasing the chances you will make additional purchases. Peer pressure — If all the pharmacies in town but one accept drug discount cards, that one will lose business. There are two main ways card marketers make money from drug discount cards and items you should watch out for:. The size of the fee varies quite a bit. Lower fees mean more savings for card users. Remember, card users pay the fees.

Selling of Information — Some card marketers gather personal information on people who use their card. They can do this if you have to register to obtain a card. They can also receive personal information each time you use the card. For example, a company selling diabetic supplies would pay for a list of names and addresses of people who buy insulin. Never pay for a card — There are many good cards that are free. Never register for a card — This is one way marketers get info that they sell. The only reason to give your name and address is if the card is being mailed to you.

Read the privacy policy — Make sure the marketer has a privacy policy that you agree with. Helpline — All reputable marketers have a toll-free helpline. Give the line a call and see how responsive they are. Do they have real people answering your questions or just a recording? S and offers up to 85 percent off of medications. The Discount Drug Network program works as a card or with coupons. Your care and coupons are printed, texted, or emailed from the website or mobile app.

The Discount Drug Network mobile app is used for searching for local pharmacies and for pricing prescriptions; to use the program, you must print a card from the app to show the pharmacist. Prescription searches include generics in case that option costs less than their discounted price. This prescription discount program offers the Pet Rx card with savings on veterinary prescriptions filled at participating pharmacies. While your data may be used internally to send information such as ads, this company states that they voluntarily follow HIPAA regulations , which goes above and beyond privacy policies from other prescription discount cards.

Best Privacy Policy. The US Pharmacy Card program has been in existence since , working via pharmacy partnerships. The US Pharmacy Card program is entirely card-based with no need to print coupons or provide personal information. Their network currently includes over 59, pharmacies. The card can also be used with pet prescriptions filled at a network pharmacy. Using this discount prescription program is very straight-forward, with an online pharmacy search and price listings to make shopping for discounted prescriptions easier.

5 Best Prescription Discount Cards (with Costs) | Retirement Living

We did not find a mobile app for US Pharmacy Card. The privacy policy is concise with no legal jargon and the company does not share your data outside of the company in any form. While they offer discounts on prescriptions, these cards are not insurance. A prescription discount card does not fulfill the minimum insurance requirements of the Affordable Care Act, so treat it separately from medical insurance. The HIPAA privacy rules only apply to health care providers, health insurance plans, and health information clearinghouses that maintain records or submit claims for other covered entities.

Since none of those entities administer prescription discount cards, there is no privacy protection under HIPAA.

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Like your grocery store loyalty card, prescription discount card data can be shared or sold to marketing firms and other companies. However, pharmacies are covered by HIPAA and do not disclose personally identifiable information to the discount card company when you fill a prescription. If you have health insurance that does not cover prescriptions, such as some Medicare plans, using a discount card will not affect your coverage. In fact, Medicare and some medical insurance plans are contracting with different discount programs to help lower costs.

Beyond that scenario, there are some restrictions on using a prescription discount card:. Prescription discount cards only work at pharmacies that have agreements with the card company. Your discount card will provide you with a network list of pharmacies that accept the card, or you can search for approved pharmacies on the card website.

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While some prescription discount cards charge a membership fee, most are free to the consumer. The card companies may charge network pharmacies transaction fees or sell marketing data collected from users. Yes, you can use multiple discount cards to compare which has the best prices for your prescriptions. If you use your prescription discount card mobile app, you can show your pharmacist the network list.

Alternatively, you may be able to print the list from the card website to keep with you when you go to the pharmacy. The pharmacist can enter your card or coupon into their system, and it will show the medication price based on the discount contract. If a pharmacist refuses to run your prescription discount card, you can call the number on the card to let a representative talk to the pharmacist directly. Our list of the best prescription discount cards gives you plenty of options for saving money on medications at the pharmacy.

With such a variety of free prescription discount cards to choose from, you can use our recommendations to quickly find the prescription discount program that works best for you based on drug prices and pharmacy locations. Get exclusive content, advice and tips from Retirement Living delivered to your inbox.

US Pharmacy Card. Discount Drug Network. Top Prescription Discount Card Tips: If available, always choose the generic option for your prescribed medication for the best discount Understand the ways prescription discount cards differ from insurance.

The pros and cons of drug coupon cards

Health Insurance Lesson Understand what a discount card is and is not before accepting or using the card. Lesson Comparing programs will let you find the best plan for your area and prescriptions. We searched a comprehensive list of prescription drug discount cards. We provided you with our best choices for prescription discount cards for you to consider.

Best Discounts Our spot checks of a variety of drugs showed GoodRx had lower prices the majority of the time. Best Privacy Policy Easy-to-understand language and zero personal information required to use the program. Best Network Over 66, pharmacies — most of all the discount card programs on our list.